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Oh this is amazing

Thank you !! It really means a lot you'd leave a comment -- so glad you liked this little machine :)


thanks for making and sharing

Wow this is FASCINATING (although the effects are a bit eye-tiring x)

And here's me, innocently thinking I'll really see a poem generator XD The machine is like, idk...adorable??

This is really cool! I especially liked the love poem based on The Great Gatsby. 
Are the poems written by you and the user input is selecting them, or are they generated? Either way they're great so nice work!

Thank you so much!

The answer depends on which poem you want to look at -- some give the user a lot more say in how the poem is formed than others. The Gatsby love poem is pre-written, but others (later in the game) are broken down into smaller chunks to be generated based on the user input.

Really glad you liked this!

computer angy

this continues to kick ass and i really appreciate the love that goes into it

you're a star <3 computer ANGY

oghofgohogo oghhhhhhhhh

i love the parallel of the red kite in both the sad rondeau and happy haiku, was that intentional?

beautiful intent beautiful idea beautiful execution


Thank you so much; I'm happy you liked this!! The red kite was indeed intentional, but I'll leave it up to you to think what that means ;p <3